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starting with the affirmation of man I work myself backwards, using cynicism
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■ NASA to send one twin to space, the keep the other home to test the effects of long-term space travel | Death and Taxes

Identical twins Scott and Mark Kelly, in addition to looking a little like squished versions of Dan Aykroyd in “Coneheads,” are also both astronauts. Mark is retired, a Scott is still very much active—he’s set for a 1-year mission to the International Space Station with cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko starting April, 2015.

Having one identical twin in space for a full year while the the other twin is on the ground provides NASA with a unique opportunity: The ability to study the long-terms effects of space travel.

Because Mark is an identical twin, he will effectively provide NASA with a “control group” against which they can test the changes that occur in Scott.

In my ideal world, twins aren’t so much people as they are people-like experimental resources. good work NASA.

My body is wildly undisciplined and I deny myself nearly everything I desire. I deny myself the right to space when I am public, trying to fold in on myself, to make my body invisible even though it is, in fact, grandly visible. I deny myself the right to a shared armrest because how dare I impose? I deny myself entry into certain spaces I have deemed inappropriate for a body like mine—most spaces inhabited by other people. 
I deny myself bright colors in my clothing choices, sticking to a uniform of denim and dark shirts even though I have a far more diverse wardrobe. I deny myself certain trappings of femininity as if I do not have the right to such expression when my body does not follow society’s dictates for what a woman’s body should look like. I deny myself gentler kinds of affection—to touch or be kindly touched—as if that is a pleasure a body like mine does not deserve. 
Punishment is, in fact, one of the few things I allow myself. I deny myself my attractions. I have them, oh I do, but dare not express them, because how dare I want. How dare I confess my want? How dare I try to act on that want? I deny myself so much and still there is so much desire throbbing beneath my surfaces. 
Denial merely puts what we want just beyond reach but we still know it’s there. 
via XO Jane
Roxane Gay writing about The Biggest Loser, believe it or not. Worth reading in full.


This song is what Tom Haverford would describe as “a banger”. Even if it takes a full minute and a half to get started. Overly long pointless intros are my least favourite hip-hop tradition.


I have no idea where this is from, but it’s glorious.


Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton as Adam and Eve in Only Lovers Left Alive [35x UHQ]

What an oddly beautiful film. Alternately serious and silly, it verged on profound at times. Hiddleston does a good job, but nobody is going to impress that much next to Tilda. Mia Wasikowska has a damned memorable cameo though. I think I love this movie.

Nas & Jay-Z - The World Is Yours, Dead Presidents & Where I’m From (Live @ Coachella) (by ffraudio)

Coachella has been utterly mind-boggling to follow over the last few days. OutKast came out and performed a setlist out of my goddamn dreams, and despite a somewhat phoned in performance by Andre 3000 it still sent chills down my spine. Aquemini still sounds ahead of its time, 16 years on.

Still, the stories have mostly revolved around the ridiculous guests that people have been bringing out. Nas bringing out Jay-Z is just unthinkable even a couple of years ago, and to have him come on in a set where Nas is just doing Illmatic from start to finish just boggles my mind. Puff Daddy has been showing up everywhere, Future turned up at the OutKast show as did Janelle Motherfuckin’ Monae, Jhene Aiko brought out Childish and Drake, and then Chance the Rapper goes ahead and brings out… Bieber?

It’s all a little out of control I’m afraid.

You became a professor at Cornell without ever having received a Ph.D. You seem almost proud of that fact.

Oh, yes. I’m very proud of not having a Ph.D. I think the Ph.D. system is an abomination. It was invented as a system for educating German professors in the 19th century, and it works well under those conditions. It’s good for a very small number of people who are going to spend their lives being professors. But it has become now a kind of union card that you have to have in order to have a job, whether it’s being a professor or other things, and it’s quite inappropriate for that. It forces people to waste years and years of their lives sort of pretending to do research for which they’re not at all well-suited. In the end, they have this piece of paper which says they’re qualified, but it really doesn’t mean anything. The Ph.D. takes far too long and discourages women from becoming scientists, which I consider a great tragedy. So I have opposed it all my life without any success at all.

via Quanta Magazine

From an interview with Freeman Dyson. Just going to leave this here. 

■ Robert Shiller Interview

Q: Winning the Nobel Prize does guarantee the first line of your obit, but it also gives you a kind of exalted status: What you say must be more true than what other people say. Do you worry about that at all?

A: A little bit. I think that economics is not an exact science. It tends to be politicized. It happens when I’m interviewed in occasions like this, I have a sense that you expect me to come up with answers for every one of your questions. But maybe I should say, “I don’t know” more often. At this year’s Nobel ceremony, I was impressed that [co-winner] Gene Fama said “I don’t know” a lot. He kind of avoids the media, so maybe I could learn a lesson from him.

(via The Wall Street Journal)

Always happy to see smart people advocating saying “I don’t know” more often. Even someone I like listening to as much as Robert Shiller

Kings Of Leon cover Robyn’s Dancing On My Own (by BBC Radio 1)

I did not expect Kings of Leon of all bands to pull out a great Robyn cover.


Rebecca Mock is amazing.


Rebecca Mock is amazing.

!!!!!!! [BESTIE x BESTIE 1] !!!!!!! (by Dean Fleischer-Camp)

Gabe Liedman and Jenny Slate are very very funny. This is an adorable video.

(via Nirvana’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Performance Left St. Vincent Cursing Like Crazy | Music News | Rolling Stone)

(via Nirvana’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Performance Left St. Vincent Cursing Like Crazy | Music News | Rolling Stone)


【グラソー ビタミンウォーター】「NYリミックススペシャル」篇 glacéau vitaminwater® (by コカ・コーラ)

Holy fuck, this is what happens when you let heems make a commercial.



Fantastic Mr. Fox / Black Skinhead




Fantastic Mr. Fox / Black Skinhead


■ Vox

This is an insanely great start to what is a stupidly ambitious project.

After watching 538 crash and burn as it did, I’m pretty excited about this. Read everything posted here until their hot streak ends.